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Wrinkle killer for the hands

2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask

Coffee makes you beautiful & awake

  • Firming, nourishing peeling mask for soft skin*
  • Real coffee powder from a small roastery removes excess skin cells
  • Fine almond oil ensures soft, baby-soft skin
  • Vitamin E protects the skin from drying out
  • Spilanthol and caffeine make the skin appear firmer* Cellulite killer
  • Applicable for face, body & hands
  • With a scent of coffee and real bourbon vanilla that touches the senses

    Direct Wrinkle Stop
    Intensive anti-aging concentrate

    • Immediate smoothing effect and lasting wrinkle reduction proven in clinical studies*.
    • With skin-soothing and clarifying witch hazel extract.
    • Suitable for sensitive and/or irritated skin.
    • Pure anti-aging power through highly dosed active ingredients such as Spilanthol, Acmella Oleracea and short and long-chain hyaluronic acids.
    • Hypoallergenic.

    Multi Effect Anti-Aging Hand Cream
    The proven double paracress power now also for your hands

    • Rich, intensively nourishing hand cream.
    • Absorbs quickly.
    • Improves elasticity and leaves hands silky soft and smooth*.
    • Valuable Spilanthol ensures immediate smoothing and a reduction in wrinkles*.
    • High-quality oils such as almond and avocado oil give you smooth and well-groomed hands.
    • With a delicate scent that touches the senses.

      Your “organic Botox” treatment that really works!

      *Dermatest study 2018, short and long-term effects of the product series were tested

      Anti-Falten Hände
      Wrinkle killer for the hands