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Impure skin

Impure skin tends to develop blackheads, known as comedones, which sometimes form inflamed, small, reddish pustules. Impure skin occurs most frequently in adolescents from puberty onwards, but can also recur over the course of life. Lifestyle, diet, hormones and genes play a major role. In most cases, the combination of excessive sebum production and keratinization is the basis for small inflammations in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Too much sebum is a breeding ground for some bacteria that are found on our skin. Propionibacterium acnes, which gives acne its name, feels particularly at home here and metabolizes fatty acids on an assembly line.

When it comes to impure skin, the aim is to restore balance to sebum production. Cleaning that is too harsh or aggressive can also have an impact on sebum production. If too much sebum is removed from the skin, it reacts by producing even more sebum - and a vicious circle is created.

Your skin needs moisture first and foremost, which you should give it, and an intact skin barrier.